Make Your Cards Look Their Best!
A few helpful tips.

The picture.
Just about any digital camera will produce a good enough picture for your cards. Odds are, if it looks good on your computer screen, it should work well for your cards. Use the best quality setting available. Be aware of the background, too.

Laying out the picture. 

Having some open space around the item being featured allows us more room for text. To the right, the top picture had to be cropped down while the bottom picture had enough open space to place the text.


The content.

As you can see in the samples, there's only so much room for text. We suggest you plan carefully so your cards won't look cluttered.
The less....the better.

Besides your name, phone number, e-mail address or street address....some folks like to have their club affiliations or accomplishments also listed.

For example, instead of your entire address, consider just the town and state.

The option of two sides.
If you'd like to say more, or have your picture stand on it's own on the front, you can select one of two options.

Simple black text on the back, or full color on both sides. You can see examples of both on the "samples" page.

If you choose either option, we need to know what information you'd like on each side.

Great showboards are easy!
A few helpful tips.

Show the car?
You will notice that in many of our samples, we don't show the whole car. When in use, the sign is next to the car. Why waste the sign space? If you'd like to show the car on the sign...we'll gladly work it into the design.

Perhaps you'd like to show a different view; the interior, undercarriage, etc?

The picture.

The better the picture, the better your end result. Depending on the quality of the actual image, we may need to make it a bit smaller on the sign for the best quality.
Set your digital camera at the highest setting.

What to show? 

Maybe a close-up of a logo, custom license plate...or whatever else you'd like. Hopefully, our examples can help give you ideas.


Not sure what you want? 

We're here to help...drop us a line!

Made just for you!
If you have a special request for layout, fonts, colors, etc...please let us know so that may incorporate your ideas into your cards.


Perhaps one of the cards on this site caught your eye. We can pattern your cards to be similar. Let us know! can throw caution to the wind and leave the design up to us. This is how all the samples on this site were done.

Special requests are no problem with our showboards!

If there's something you'd like to see on your board...just say the word...we want you to be thrilled!