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Why do you print 500 copies of the cards?
In the print business, the actual printing of the job is the easy part. Everything else involved in the process takes effort. So, it's really not worth a printers effort to print short runs. Believe it or not, with the type of printing we are doing it would actually cost more to print fewer than 500 pieces.

What if I'd like changes after I see my proof?
We'll gladly make any change you'd like....we want you to be pleased. Please understand that a considerable amount of time and effort goes into the design, so unless the correction is "our fault", we must limit modifications to one per order.

I've seen cheaper business type cards. Why buy yours?
The inexpensive cards are made from templates. You'd choose a style, and add your information. They're functional, but certainly "generic". Hobbycards are absolutely customized for you in every way.

What are the showboards made of?
The backing board is made of closed cell PVC, with the actual artwork applied and laminated. The boards lightweight and sturdy. We use the same kind of inks used in large scale printing so the quality is beautiful, sharp and vivid. Similar products made with
these inks are rated at 5-7 years with constant outdoor exposure.

What about returning cards or a showboard I don't like?
You will receive a proof of your item before printing that you will need to approve. We are sorry, but we cannot accept returns unless the problem is our fault.


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